Top 3 Swiss Eta Movement: ETA 2824-2, ETA 2892-A2, ETA 7750

ETA movement plays an important role in the global watch manufacturing industry. It is the cornerstone of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Most watch movements are basically clones of ETA. Admittedly, the ETA movement is essential to the health of the entire Swiss watch industry, and the eta movement counterfeited in the replica watches industry has also been very important applications. The world's best seller of replica watches, all eta movement providers.

ETA 2892-A2: Advanced automatic movement:
Dimensions: D 25.6 mm, H 3.6 mm
Parameters: Automatic, 21 jewels, 42 hours power reserve
Special functions: Incabloc anti-shock device, Etachron regulator, quick date setting
Counterfeiters: Soprod A10, Valanvron VAL-92, Seagull 1812 (These counterfeit ETA 2892-A2 movements are usually applied to fake rolex datejust, fake rolex date.)
The 2892-A2 movement is designed as an advanced alternative to 2824 and is the ace of ETA. ETA-2892-A2 was born in 1980 and is positioned as a mid-to-high end. The design of 2824 and 2892 are similar, the thickness of the movement is only 3.6 mm-30% thinner than 2824. In terms of thickness alone, the ETA-2892-A2 movement is far ahead of most self-produced movements on the market. Except for a few brands with ultra-thin characteristics, there are few self-winding movements with an organic core thickness of less than 3.6 mm. The calibre of 2892-A2 is higher. Well-known mid-priced brands often use it in high-end models, even some of the brands listed in high-end watches have also used it, but they pay more attention to polishing and engraving processes. At the same time, ETA-2892 is one of the most complex and stable models recognized by all watchmakers. It is equipped with a ring-shaped balance wheel, 21 drills, two-way automatic winding, 28,800 vibrations per hour, and an "eccentric screw" for precise fine adjustment. Due to its excellent design and high stability, it is widely used by various brands. For example, the previous Omega fine-tuning changed the 2892 to its own 1120 movement-changed the escapement, added two balance weight screws to adjust the speed of the balance wheel, and increased the number of gems. The most important modification of major brands is Athens' astronomy trilogy. Its basic movement is 2892, which becomes an ultra-complex astronomical watch, known as the biggest masterpiece of ULYSSE NARDIN watch. It is often seen in Cartier, IWC, Longines, Montblanc and other brands.

ETA Caliber 2892-a2

ETA 2892-A2 Movement

ETA 2824-2: the main force of comprehensive development:
Dimensions: D 25.6 mm, H 4.6 mm
Parameters: Automatic, 25 jewels, 28,800 A/h, 40h power reserve
Special functions: Incabloc anti-shock device, Etachron regulator, quick date setting
Counterfeiters: Sellita SW200, STP1-11, Valanvron VAL-24, Hangzhou 6300, Seagull ST2130 (the counterfeit ETA 2824-2 movement is applied to replica omega, fake breitling, fake tudor and other replica watches)
ETA 2824-2 is probably by far the most common ETA movement. From Hamilton Khaki to the more expensive Tudor Pelagos, you can find 2824-2. The 2824 family tree can be traced back to ETA's parent company Eterna. Early cal. 1247 (distant relatives in 2824) of 1955 and later movement 1541 have passed down DNA. Most of the previous movements were manually wound, and automatic watches became popular after World War II. The predecessor of 1247, 1237, mounted the rotor on ball bearings to reduce wear. This is Eterna's unique innovation. To this day, ETA 2824 still uses the same five-ball bearing. 2824 is based on Eterna 1427 designed as early as 1961 and has been used in thousands of mechanical watches. Since 1982, the latest incarnation (2824-2) has been in continuous production. This automatic three-pin 25-pin automatic winding movement has four different levels: Standard, Elabore, Top, Chronometer. Due to the use of a common structure of the same quality, the overall accuracy of the four levels is different. This is due to the use of higher quality parts and multiple adjustment points throughout the movement-the main difference is the adjustment device and the mainspring, Material quality of hairspring and suspension system. Why do watch companies love 2824? Simple: It is accurate, durable and relatively cheap, while maintaining the core functions required by most large three-hand watches. The ETA 2824-2 movement is world-renowned for its reliability, accuracy and durability. It is a guarantee of quality and a classic in the watch industry.

ETA 2824-2

ETA 2824-2 Movement

ETA 7750: classic chronograph
Dimensions: D 30.0 mm, H 7.9 mm
Parameters: Automatic, 25 jewels, 28,800 A/h, 44h power reserve
Special features: chronograph, Incablock anti-shock device, Nivaflex mainspring, Glucydur balance wheel, lever escapement, quick date setting
Counterfeiters: Sellita SW500, Shanghai 3LZF2 (Imitated eta 7750 movement, usually used by classic chronograph replica watches, for example, fake rolex daytona, fake richard mille rm 11, etc.)
ETA Valjoux 7750 calibre 7750 is one of the most prolific chronograph calibers in the world. The 7750 itself is the subject of several evolutions. It is based on Valjoux 7733 (which became part of ETA through a merger), and on the Venus 188 that Valjoux purchased in 1966. The 7750 was developed in cooperation with El Primero at Zenith The automatic chronograph was released five years later. The original movement successfully produced 100,000 pieces, which impressed the Swiss counterparts. Later, it was stagnated by the quartz revolution and lingered on the shelves for nearly ten years until 80. Automatic watches regained popularity in the mid-1980s. With durable, inexpensive design and strong support from Swatch Group, 7750 has become the most common automatic chronograph movement in Switzerland. The movement is still in production and is probably the most successful automatic chronograph movement ever. It can be used as the basis for a variety of superstructures or modules. The 7750 has more than ten models that combine basic timing functions with all functions from Greenwich Mean Time to moon phase complexity. Due to its accuracy and robustness, quite a few watches equipped with calibre 7750 have been certified by the Observatory. Therefore, for example, Breitling has passed COSC certification for all its watches, including many models with Valjoux 7750.

ETA 7750

ETA 7750 Movement

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