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About Mag Audit

A supplier relations specialist for more than 20 years, Mag Audit has been supporting you to ensure the reliability of your processes and save you money.

Founded in the early 2000s, Mag Audit's main activity is the verification of the correct application of the commercial conditions negotiated with their suppliers.

We analyze transactions using appropriate algorithms and data mining techniques, identify and correct accounting anomalies and recover amounts due in order to recover cash and improve the company's cash flow.

In addition to recovery audit, Mag Audit offers other services such as fraud audits or contractual audits to improve all your processes.

Our know-how

We work in different sectors with a variety of customers who enrich our experience and expand our scope of action:

DIY, toy, online sales, cosmetics, books, office supplies, etc ...

We are renowned and appreciated by our customers for our advanced and personalized analyses thanks to the adaptation of our data mining tools and the mastery of machine learning techniques that provide concrete, visible and promising results: up to 0.2% of the audited turnover.

Our strengths

Human contact

You will have a trusted advisor who will get to know you and your company in detail.

Unlimited expert advice

Our team will always be at your disposal to answer your questions.

Transparent management fees

Only paid on success fees, there will never be any hidden coast.

Multilingual expert teams

Our experts can communicate with your suppliers in their language to ensure better performance.

Examples of recovery
  • Advertising Agreement / Rendered services

Checking rates, sales, amounts for pub packages…

  • Year-End Rebates

Verification of rates, turnover, achievement of milestones …

  • Price agreements

Checking the prices applied by period, discounts on invoice…

  • Discount rate

Verification of the application of the discount rate, the deadline for payment of invoices.

  • Returns of goods

Checking the price of the returned goods: does it match the purchase price? With a discount rate?

  • Accounting error

Verification of double registrations, having registered as an invoice, VAT rate…

Auditing is more than giving advice.

We bring you a new approach to the management of your accounts payable.

We have helped many companies and you can be assured of being accompanied by a team of experts. It is not only our expertise that differentiate us from the competition but also our proximity to our customers, as well as our tailor-made services that adapt to your needs and preferences.

Let's help you!

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